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DVD Review – Dan in Real Life

DVD Review – Dan in Real Life

Why not use a pillow?…


Peter Hedges




My younger brother David (the man who brought me the Ratalouille recommendation), urged me to see this movie a while ago. But everytime I saw it at the video store, the sight of Steve Carell resting his head on a stack of pancakes seemed to be cautioning me against investing in this particular DVD rental. Hey, $2.95 is $2.95! And I was still nursing the wounds from WASTING $2.95 on Semi Pro. It was always going to take a few weeks before I was ready to love renting DVDs again. Love is a risky game, sometimes you get burned and need time to heal before you’re ready to love again…..I’m like Dan…in real life… if you sub out Rhode Island for Planet Video, the ladeeez for DVDs, and generic-blonde-dead-wife for Semi Pro (shout outs to Shana Carr…no you don’t know her from anything)…


If you want to see the kind of film that gets Oscar buzz, that makes you feel like this world is nothing but a cess-pit full of war mongers and soulless drones, don’t see Dan in Real Life.


Starring Steve Carell, Juliette Binoche and Dianne Weist, Dan in Real Life has what should have been a fatally sentimental plot (widowed father of three girls falls for an exotic woman he meets in a bookstore, only to find out that she is his younger brother’s girlfrien-AWWWWWW). Yet, through the miracle of decent acting and direction, the film is saved from being just another…


Three to Tango….

Get Over It

or my personal favourite, Don’t Tell Her Its Me, starring Steve Guttenberg and his New Zealand accent (arguably the worst of all time).














In the words of my bro, “It’s not like Requiem, it doesn’t f you up… it’s just a nice movie”.







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