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DVD Review – Ratatouille

DVD Review – Ratatouille

I have to admit, when my 23-year-old brother David first gushed “you gotta see Ratatouille!” I was amused…

Directors: Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava

Writers:    Brad Bird (screenwriter), Jan Pinkava (original story by)

Stars:         Brad Garrett, Lou Romano, Patton Oswalt


I have to admit, when my 23-year-old brother David first gushed “you gotta see Ratatouille!” I was amused. Mainly because he’d just told me that he’d gone to see Ratatouille, A Pixar movie, at the movies…alone (because he couldn’t find anyone who wanted to go see it with him).

Anyway, a few months passed and Ratatouille finally comes out on DVD. I rang David to tell him that I’m finally about to see Ratatouille, and he told me that he’d just rented it out as well. He also told me that he cried during the movie again because “everybody judges Remy the rat, he’s not just a rat, he’s a good cook. But the people don’t accept him! It’s not fair that he’s so misunderstood!”


I was tired of accusing my brother of being a crazy wuss, so I hung up the phone and watched the film.


Ratatouille tells A French Tail of Remy (Patton Oswalt), a French rat from the French countryside who has developed a très français passion for fine French cuisine.


Remy dreams of whipping a tasty batch of Coq au Vin, while the rest of his buddies seem quite content to chow down at the Bin Patisserie.


Anyhoo, Remy’s culinary escapades end up getting him and his rat pack swept down a sewage drain. Lucky for Remy he ends up where else but the heart of gay Paris! Where, with the help of doddering bin boy Linguini (Lou Romano), Remy’s dreams of becoming the head chef of a French restaurant become less and less of a dream.


I was skeptical about Ratatouille for many reasons. The main reason being that one look at the movie poster for Ratatouille made me realize – all the movies I’d seen with a play-on-words title, and an animal as the main character (The Real Macaw, Paws, K-9, Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties, Air Bud: Golden Receiver) had all been steamy fresh ones left on the front lawn of my mind.


I’m actually going to watch this film to find out how exactly the raccoon factors in here…I’m intrigued….

He’s got the Golden Touch. Perhaps he could have used it on the delete key in Final Draft…..

Presuming the porn version bears the same title…

Yes, featuring some well-known US soccer greats…

Well, Kangaroo Jack can’t rob the mob forever… (apparently this film was floated about but thank f*&%ing God never got made)


Surely Ratatouille would continue this illustrious tradition?


Non. Ratatouille is right up there with Pixar’s top offerings – it lifted its leg and sprayed all over my preconceptions.


Ratatouille c’est très bien. Une queue réconfortante (désolé, conte) d’un héros improbable qui poursuit sa passion. The plausibility of the story is unsurprisingly questionable  (a restaurant run by a rodent would of course be shut down by health authorities). But somehow, yes Dave, it is true, one can easily relate to Remy and his quest. What is life if not the moment you find your passion, realise it, then begin a lifelong pursuit to create your something unique? I realised it at 13, holding my Grandad’s Super 8 camera, filming the fifteenth take of my fatigued Grandma in a wig… I knew I must love making films to put my loved ones through this much grief…I had a “love of the craft” from the get-go (the film was a novella adaptation and it was awful…again…I don’t want to talk about it).

Aaaaaannnnnywaaaay, Ratatouille – it’s a feast… for the eyes, the mind, and…the heart. (Fuck you, you know you love it.)



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