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Guest Digital HD Review – Tasha

Guest Digital HD Review – Tasha

Just haaaad to get a little self-indulgent and post this 5-star Letterboxd review of my movie Tasha, left by “MoeSyzlack”…



Vanessa Barnett





Take it away, Moe:

“I am ridiculous. Check out my ridiculous power” – Wayne Stubbs.
Tasha is a film steeped in West Australian bogan culture (or culcha, if you will). Whether you are a bogan yourself and proudly identify yourself as one, like to watch bogans in their natural environment, or are of a bogan-positive mindset (or a bogansexual/bogansexual adjacent), you will love this film. A veritable mélange of film tropes and genres come together like a minestrone soup of Australian film, with the director’s sense of humour at centre stage throughout. We follow the protagonist Tasha as she matures from a young lady trying to pass off a ‘cask wine taster’ job as proof of jobseeking to a social welfare agency to become something in society and best the bullies in retribution for destroying her father’s martial arts dojo.

Grabbing a nice and affordable midday timeslot to promote the "battle of the sexes"

"I hear Exxxotika is hiring..."

Juicy behind-the-scenes still - makin' the magic happen...

This scene was obviously a No Retreat, No Surrender homage. Don't fret, we drank the contents then refilled with water. Classic VJB cast/crew initiation. Like I'd ever let that yellow gold go to waste.

This scene was an obvious No Retreat, No Surrender homage. Take that, Fruity Lexia!

Tasha is a short film that borrows from many genres, but ultimately offers something unique in it’s off-kilter sense of humour as well as the identification with and portrayal of lower socioeconomic West Australian society and the struggle to get by in the modern world whilst being welfare dependent (not an easy task, by all means). Ensure you have a sense of humour before watching this film.” – MoeSyzlack



Even though this is an actual review from an actual person who has seen the film, I realise this is still a fairly cretinous way of announcing I’m officially on Letterboxd. I’ve been using it the past few months, and fair to say I’m suffering a debilitating addiction to it. The boyz from legendary film podcast Film Junk have decided against their better judgement to follow my Letterboxd-ing which has surprisingly not affected my viewing/logging/rating action.


My Letterboxd page is

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