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Television Review – Dr. Phil

Television Review – Dr. Phil

Let’s Do It….

You can trust me… Im a-leaning on a dang chair.

Many polls have been taken on the question, “What is the greatest song ever written in popular music history?”, and one song seems to top the lists time and time again. The song I am referring to is of course “Imagine” by John Lennon. The music is simple yet moving, but its lyrics are arguably what elevate it to be deserving of such an accolade (although personally I believe music is not a competitive sport, so these lists shouldn’t really mean much at all). Why am I crapping on about John Lennon?

Oh yeah, that’s why…. I watched the first episode of the new season of Dr Phil, and I had the honour of hearing the new theme song, “I Got You” by Jordan McGraw (aka Dr Phil’s son).

How would I describe this new theme song? How about: Brain and heart soothing majesty. Temazepam for the soul. Its haunting piano melody opens emotional doors you never knew you had, and the lyrics… well, I’ll let them do the talking.



Some say it’s a hard life
But its hard for us all
Always hold on
Always be strong
Reach out (pause)
for a safe place to fall 


In a moment
Of darkness
I need a hand to pull me through
And I know, I know
I will survive






The maestro shreds….









I doubt anyone can deny the power, and poetry of these lyrics. And like Lennon’s masterpiece, let’s blast this 36-second opus into the upper echelon of modern music history.

So what about Dr Phil as in the actual show, Vanessa? Yeah, yeah I’m getting to that.


Few have doubted the wisdom and ‘lifesmarts’ of this man, or his wiiiiife, Robin –

One of the not-so-best-selling Dr. Phil books.

(One of the not-so-best-selling Dr. Phil books.)


and those who do usually have enough time to spare that they can design a fake, quite frankly INSULTING Dr. Phil self-help book. Why don’t you quit the parodies, and go create your own empires if it’s that easy, losers? Actually, the wit on display here isn’t exactly of the highest calibre, so perhaps I shouldn’t encourage such behaviour. They might just pull a self-help empire out of their arse…


Apparently, this season, Dr Phil  wants us to get real (Im pretty sure he wanted us to get real last season too). He still wants us to get excited about our lives, and to acknowledge that we cant change what we don’t acknowledge. He also wants us to tune into his son Jay’s new show The Doctors. So he urges the audience to do so on-air about every two minutes each episode.


 Yknow whut? This aint my first rodeo, boy. Hows that workin for ya?

Yknow whut? This aint my first rodeo, boy. Hows that workin for ya?


Watching Dr Phil is like eating 2 litres of cake mixture, or scratching your buttcrack in public. It’s AWESOME.



But you feel kind of embarrassed for yourself afterwards.


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