semi-work purposes. | What?
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Unravelling the magic…and the mystery…of semi-workpurposes™

semi-work                 purpose

ˈsɛmi-wəːk/           pəːpəs/

adjective                    noun

informal                     plural noun: purposes

“Semi-work purposes” is a perfectly valid excuse for doing any activity. Particularly useful when doing any activity you could argue is for work purposes, but appears to be not entirely for work purposes. Like writing an absurdist review of Dr. Phil.


semi-work purposes™ is also a blog containing wordage about films and other delights…for semi-work purposes. By Vanessa, who is technically a doctor. And for that reason feels comfortable defiantly misappropriating nouns like ‘wordage’ and going about fabricating nonsense terms like ‘semi-work purposes’. She really shouldn’t, and someone should definitely alert the academic community of her literary malfeasance.


Vanessa likes watching, making, and writing about movies mainly, but since starting this blog she’s decided a lot of non-movie stuff also interests her. So she’s writing about that as well. For semi-work purposes. So she’s going to do a mayonnaise mini-Almanac/shit aioli exposé once she can figure out how it could be done for ‘semi-work purposes’. She also likes posing next to a typewriter whilst telling it to “talk to the hand” for no objective reason.


Vanessa also likes when people tell her about good stuff to watch, play, try, eat, etc… so feel free to send recommendations her way! Or, if any recent ‘creations’ have disgusted and aggravated you recently, pipe those shit sandwiches through and she’ll write about those as well.